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We offer practical and proven solutions to equipment manufacturers and systems integration companies working in the Cleantech, Transportation, and the Industrial Gasses industries

Non-Dilutive Funding

Collaborating with clients, we can help source and secure funding from sources tailored to our client's needs. We also work with Federal, and State government agencies to secure grants and contract opportunities tailored to client technology and commercialization goals.
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Strategic Partnerships and Programmatic M&A

We work with clients to identify, establish, and execute strategic partnerships that enable geographic expansion, new sales channels, technology integration, and strategic funding.

Process Optimization

We assist clients in the design and implementation of world class product development processes tailored to the client’s unique environment. This ensures profitable growth as new features and products go-to-market faster than the competition.

Technology Commercialization

We help clients navigate “the valley of death.” That challenging phase of growth as a business transitions from a promising new technology to a viable and sustainable business. In collaboration with the client, we systematically assess available markets and identify competitive advantages to develop go-to-market strategies that maximize returns.

Connecting Creativity, Technology, and People

Bringing people from diverse backgrounds together to solve complex technical and business challenges in highly technical environments.

Christopher J Allen

Christopher J Allen, P.E


Christopher is a licensed Mechanical Engineer in the state of California and has spent his career bringing new products and technologies to market. His experience working for Fortune 500's, SMEs, and startups has thought him the value of flexibility and the imperative to move quickly to accomplish results that matter. He has developed engineering design processes and winning business strategies in the Aerospace & Defense, Energy, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), and manufacturing industries.

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